Thanksgiving in Relationships

Thanksgiving is always filled with activities. There are lots of customs, lots of relatives coming over, lots of food and lots of shopping. This week is busy. Relationships are busy. We try to catch up with uncles, cousins, friends… you name it. We’re maintaing relationships.

In the midst of all this, I think there is an important lesson…

Life is a busy avenue as well. We do a lot of things, we meet people, we have jobs, school, errands. Life is busy, and as they say it will get only busier. In the midst of this business thought, I hope that we find the time to value relationships. There is a lot to be thankful for. Looking back at the year past, how many things went right? How many friends filled your life with joy, even if just for a little bit?

Dating is not just about finding the right one and living happily ever after – it’s about living happily ever after and finding the right one.

If we learn to be thankful for what we experience in a relationship, for the lessons we learn about life, about ourselves, about the opposite sex- I think we’re on to something. I think we’ll learn to live a fulfilled life. And in the midst of all this, a healthy relationships can grow.

Having a special somebody by our side is definitely a prize. We’re all looking forward to that, and that’s why we’re writing this blog. But those that we have right now besides us – family and friends – they are a prize as well.

Let’s be thankful for the relationships that we have, for the experiences we have, and let’s learn to live a satisfied, happy life. And in the midst of this, let’s build healthy romantic relationships.