#03 Talk to people who seem more important than you: How to talk to Girls Series

Why would you want to do that? How does talking to more important people have anything to do with getting girls?

One thing that most guys struggle with is this: when they meet a girl they really like they start treating her different, as if she was on a pedestal above every other woman. Sure maybe she is great for you, but seriously bro is she really 10 times better than every other woman in the world? I highly doubt it.

And even if she is, not every girl wants a suck up.

So here’s the problem: we treat girls we like as if we are their little b****s. And girls we don’t like? Well we’re fun and carefree and adventurous and bold and confident (hmmm sounds like a recipe for attraction.

To get over this problem it is often helpful to simply get comfortable talking to so called important people. Talk to some doctors or lawyers. Try joking around with them or teasing them. Talk to an important pastor. Learn to think of him as your buddy, in a respectful sort of way. Talk to that guy who intimidates you. Hang out with a group of people who you don’t feel comfortable with. Hang out with someone who is better off financially than you.

The goal is this: get used to thinking of people as  . . . well as people. Just because I have a doctorate behind my name (or a sexy face and blonde hair) doesn’t mean I’m actually a better person than you or anyone else. I might be a jerk and a terrible physician who cheated his way through med school and likes to party more than care for my patients.

Practical tips: talk to two people this week who you think are more important than you in some way. Ask for their advice on something. Than give them some advice or a piece of wisdom. Tell them to do something in a polite way. Imagine that you are their boss (a nice boss) and need them to do something for you.

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